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Our Latest Course

New course added to the YouTube Bundle

Having recently upgraded my clamping collection, I wanted to make a nice home for them to live in.

This is a compact design that will hold 18 parallel clamps and 36 smaller clamps all in a neat footprint of 1200mm x 500mm. Ideal for the small workshop. This is offered as part of the YouTube Bundle

Our Featured Course

The Woodgrafter Workbench is now live!

 Our workbench is a modern twist on a traditional classic, combining the solid construction found in the traditional European Workbench. Whilst adding ‘Multi Functional Table’ speed and accuracy through two MFT style inserts. 

The results ? probably the best hybrid woodworking bench on the planet!

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Andy Guile - Founder of The Woodgrafter

Foundation courses provide the basic building blocks of our craft, from workshop safety, understanding wood, tool selection, tool set up, stock preparation, accuracy in your work, woodworking joints, basic construction, approaching design all the way through to project finishing.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or and advanced woodworker, we have the project for you. Quick simple projects, medium complexity projects or complex mammoth constructions.

Each project build includes step by step video instruction, detailed project plans and links to key foundation courses in case you need a quick refresher.

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Don’t worry we have you covered, each lesson has a dedicated forum right there under the video. You can quickly see what others have asked or post your now question to the community and to The Woodgrafter.

You can also email The Woodgrafter for more focused support or why not book a video call for 1 on 1 instruction.

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