3D Printing Resources

Hi, a number of our community have asked for access to the some of the 3D printing source files I have created over time. At some point I will create a course in 3D printing for woodworkers, and the will bring some more structure to this.

But for now, this is a place holder. I will upload files over the next few weeks.

As the name sugests, this is the fusion 360 code for the Systainer label, right click and select down load. Unzip and then open the file with Fusion 360

I have used parametric modelling for the label size. Select Modify > Change Parameters. You can then adjust these to suit your purpose. The sizes I have used are for the Festool Systainer.

To change the text, edit the sketch on the “Text Update” sketch icon in the history bar.

Double click the text and add what you like, the text will auto wrap and auto size.

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