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This is the Story of The Woodgrafter

Andy Guile - Founder of The Woodgrafter

My Story

The idea of The Woodgrafter came to me whilst lying on a Sun Bed in a holiday resort on the beautiful Island of Crete! It is a typical story of day dreaming about doing something different than working nine to five in an office - stressed to the eyeballs and watching life pass me by. Sort of a mid-life crisis moment.

I have always loved creative practical activities, a passion I inherited from my Grandfather and then my Father. In fact one of my earliest memories is in the ‘shed’ with my Grandfather watching him ‘tinker’ with some project or other. Sheds that are dedicated to ‘tinkering’ have a certain smell and atmosphere that you either love or hate. I still love a shed.

I have also always loved been in front of an audience and passing on knowledge. Seeing somebody understand something and then putting that knowledge into practice is one of life’s greatest gifts. So trying to combine my love for making things AND passing on the knowledge became the obvious dream whilst soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

The dream stayed with me, and one day for no apparent reason I can remember – I decided to make a you tube video and launch myself on the world. Initially the idea was to create a cabinet making business, and the YouTube channel was supposed to document the rise of the business.  Pretty quickly people responded to the “explaining” side of things so it became a natural progression into The Woodgrafter becoming a Woodworking school. 

I have no idea where things will end up or if the school will take off – but if you don’t try then you never know.

What Our Students Have to Say

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