Project Builds

The Bench Dog Kennel

In this course we build a simple wall mounted holder for the ever growing collection of Benchdogs. The project is made out of scrap oak and uses dado’s and sliding dovetails as the key joinery aspects. A line of oversized 20mm holes are drilled by using a simple 3d printed jig. This video if available …

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The Woodgrafter Workbench

Traditionally a workbench has to do a few things very well, it has to be able to hold your wood so you can easily work on the face, the side and the end. It should also be solid and not move and be of sufficient height to allow you to work comfortably. Then along came …

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How to build a bookcase

In this course we have a look at the bookcase that you see at the back of the workshop. In reality it is more than a bookcase, four larger drawers using through and blind dovetails, two large cupboards with raised panel doors and the frame is held together using sliding dovetail joinery. An ambitious build …

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How to build a sysport

Storage is one of the biggest problems in the workshop, I decided some time ago (actually as part of the workshop design) I was going to use systainers as my primary storage solution. Partly due to the number of Festool products I own, but also in recognition that most quality tool manufacturers now ship in …

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End Grain Cutting Board

In this course we look at making an end grain cutting board, a deceptively complex build that will definitely develop your skills in laminated joinery. In this course you will learn Basics of the the design How to laminate the first panel How to break the first panel down to componenent parts How to glue …

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The hand tool bench

In early 2016, way before I had set up the YouTube channel I built my hand tool bench. You may have seen this on the early YouTube videos, in fact I made a video (for some reason) showing me cutting it down to size to fit into the new power tool workshop.

What you may not know is I recorded the build of that bench, almost as a pilot to get used to video, explaining, editing etc. I thought I had lost those videos, certainly the original footage has long gone, but when I renewed my membership on Vimeo for hosting the online-school videos they had archived the videos and got them all back 🙂

25 30 min episodes taking you step by step into building a hand tool workbench. AND by the way, I did the entire thing with handtools !

This is a great bench and a great build but slightly dodgy presenting and video quality, and although it is a handtool build many of the techniques and design aspects are transferable. 

So this definitely one to watch, as always this will have a classroom group associated with it, and plans are available.

Access the classroom group


How to build a coffee table

By completing this course you will develop the skills to design and build a coffee table.

Our example is based on a real life customer commission, made out of American white OAK, has four dovetailed drawers and has the following dimensions height 500mm, length 1240mm.

The course will take you all the way through from concept to production using the Woodgrafter 5C approach.

Customer – Concept – Commission – Construct – Complete

This course is assessed through question and answers with a final project submission earning you Woodgrafter experience points.

How to build a planter

In this course you will learn how to build a wooden planter based on the classic Versailles Containers made famous in the reign of Louis XVI. Originally designed in 1670 by the Chief Gardener Andre Le Notre, this is a simplified modern take.

This is a hands on project designed to build your skills, develop your confidence and introduce basic joinery techniques.

It is also a fun project, that will impress your family and friends.

Be careful you will be building these things for everybody.


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