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How to build a sysport

Storage is one of the biggest problems in the workshop, I decided some time ago (actually as part of the workshop design) I was going to use systainers as my primary storage solution. Partly due to the number of Festool products I own, but also in recognition that most quality tool manufacturers now ship in …

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The planer thicknesser course

The Planer thicknesses (or planer jointer) is an essential workshop tool if you are into milling your own stock, especially if like me you use rough cut timber. Perfect finish, perfect thickness ready for your joinery. In the course, we look at the combined device that most of us will have in our small workshop. …

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The power tools course

In this course we look at a variety of power tools, discuss what’s in my shop, introduce the tools, set them up, calibrate as required and show how to use them safetly. All of these videos are available free of charge over on the Woodgrafter YouTube channel but are offered here as part of the …

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End Grain Cutting Board

In this course we look at making an end grain cutting board, a deceptively complex build that will definitely develop your skills in laminated joinery. In this course you will learn Basics of the the design How to laminate the first panel How to break the first panel down to componenent parts How to glue …

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The Incra fence course

In this course we take a look at the Incra LS Positioner. We start by looking at the various kits available, before setting up and then putting it to use. In this course you will learn How to set up the fence How to improve the accuracy of the Festool MFT with this fence How …

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The MFT3 course

This short course looks at the Festool MFT 3 table and its accessories. In this course you will learn how to setup and then calibrate your MFT for accurate and repeatable work. I have also included some videos that look at improving the performance of the MFT through third party products. This is a collection …

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The Leigh DR4 Pro course

In this course we take a look at the Leigh DR4 Pro Dovetail Jig. We start by setting up the jig before using its many features. Although this course looks at the Leigh jig, the basic techniques are the same for any dovetails jig In theis course you will learn How to set up the …

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