Change log

Change log

Version 2 launched

  • Major restructure to simplify the site
  • Focus is now on course content
  • Community still available but simplified

Known issues in this release

  • No known issues at this time

Requested Feature

  • None at this time

Change log

BETA Final

  • Go live version 1 December 2019
  • Site opne for registration

BETA 1.9

  • My bench added
  • My orders added
  • General site clean up
  • Performance updates
  • Edit feature removed due to conflicts
  • All adverts disabled
  • You tube content added
  • Course donation feature added
  • Website induction course added
  • First login welcome page added
  • Site promoted to live V1.0

BETA 1.8

  • Store added
  • Amazon affiliated products added to store – more to come
  • Woodgrafter merchandise partner selected & merchandise added to store
  • Paypal payment gateway added & tested
  • Blogs now active and assessable 
  • Dummy courses and associated groups removed
  • Dummy blogs removed & started to produce live blogs
  • Edit function removed as causing clashes with other functionality
  • General tidy up 

BETA 1.7

  • Significant site performance issues
  • Simplified home page

BETA 1.6

  • Slight performance issues
  • Vanishing text fixed

BETA 1.5

  • Fixed the profile & group photograph issues, they can now be cropped
  • Privacy setting still show full name. This is more to do with how I set up the initial accounts. It will be the user name showing up for a new user. Let me know if you want me to change your user name
  • Log on page now says Email/User name
  • News feed changed to activity feed
  • Disabled discussions to simplify site functionality
  • Added subgroups to allow for related subjects under a group. For example, I have a sub group about favourite vices under favourite workbenches. This should help organise and create focused groups
  • Ability to edit posts in the activity feed added.

BETA 1.4

  • Added “about me” and “where are you from” functionality into the profile. Edit profile to activate, public by default can be made private under account settings
  • Simplified home page
  • Starting to add side bars through the site
  • Playing round with logon/logoff script

BETA 1.3

  • Simplified the home page
  • Added the landing page
  • Added the live chat functionality
  • Added secure connection throughout
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