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Hi, membership is free with any purchase and gets you access to our great content. Sadly due to the number of spamers and fake members I have had to lock down the open membership. The cheapest way is a one time donation and you will be helping to keep the lights on.

I will continue to publish free content on YouTube and this will also be offered for free in our YouTube range of courses on this web site. Donations are welcome if you would like to support what we do.

Simply put The Woodgrafter is a business and it takes time to produce the in depth course content. Each thirty minutes of video takes approximately 2 hours to edit and produce, and depending on the complexity can take a day or more to record.  Plans take time to design and a comprehensive plan can take up to three days to produce. 

Take the coffee table course as an example, 14 videos approx 30 mins each plus plans.

  • 14 days for recording
  • 28 hours of editing
  • 3 days of planning

Then think about the ongoing support, costs of running the web site and then costs of raw materials and tools – it all adds up.

AND finally think about the value to you as a woodworker, it all makes sense.

No, at the moment we do not offer a subscription service, but if there is enough demand we will consider this as a future option. 

If we do offer such a service in the future, it would be one simple payment to access all content. This may be an option as we build up the course content and structure

All plans can be downloaded and are accessible through ‘My Account’ page. Videos are streamed and are accessible through the course pages.

You can access the videos as much as you like, so once you have access keep coming to refresh your skills.

There is no restriction to the numbers of times you can download the plans. 

Simply send me an email info@thewoodgrafter.com or use the contact form on this page.

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