How to build a sysport

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Storage is one of the biggest problems in the workshop, I decided some time ago (actually as part of the workshop design) I was going to use systainers as my primary storage solution. Partly due to the number of Festool products I own, but also in recognition that most quality tool manufacturers now ship in some sort of systainer type package.

In this course we look at how to go about designing and the building the sysport.

  • Lesson 1 looks at the design
  • Lesson 2 looks at the layout and the initial panel to give us a base
  • Lesson 3 we create a dummy drawer for spacing and fit the side panels
  • Lesson 4 we drill the wholes for the drawer hardware
  • Lesson 5 we fit the side panels
  • Lesson 6 we fit the top incorporating a nice bullnose design
  • Lesson 7 we choose a finish for our top and apply the finish to the carcass
  • Lesson 8 we start the construction of the drawers
  • Lesson 9 we complete the drawers and fit them

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