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The Planer thicknesses (or planer jointer) is an essential workshop tool if you are into milling your own stock, especially if like me you use rough cut timber. Perfect finish, perfect thickness ready for your joinery.

In the course, we look at the combined device that most of us will have in our small workshop. Although I am using the Axminster device for demonstration – this is a classic design that is used by many brands so the knowledge is directly transferable to other manufacturers.

I this course you will learn

How to set up the planner thicknesser

How to calibrate the planner thicknesser

How to safely use the planner thicnesser

All of these videos are available for free over on the YouTube channel, but are offered here as a structured course to support you in your learning. This is a collection of videos that are freely available over at the Woodgrafter YouTube Channel, they are offered here as part of a bundle deal giving you easy access and structure to the videos, one low price buys access to ALL the YouTube collection.

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