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In early 2016, way before I had set up the YouTube channel I built my hand tool bench. You may have seen this on the early YouTube videos, in fact I made a video (for some reason) showing me cutting it down to size to fit into the new power tool workshop.

What you may not know is I recorded the build of that bench, almost as a pilot to get used to video, explaining, editing etc. I thought I had lost those videos, certainly the original footage has long gone, but when I renewed my membership on Vimeo for hosting the online-school videos they had archived the videos and got them all back 🙂

24 x 30 min episodes taking you step by step into building a hand tool workbench. AND by the way, I did the entire thing with handtools !

This is a great bench and a great build but slightly dodgy presenting and video quality, and although it is a handtool build many of the techniques and design aspects are transferable. 

As this was my first ever attempt of creating a course, I am offering this free of charge (for posterity – we all started somewhere) – more for historical reasons than anything else, but it does come with plans and goes through all the details fro stock selection to final finish.


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