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In this course we take a look at the Incra LS Positioner. We start by looking at the various kits available, before setting up and then putting it to use.

In this course you will learn

  • How to set up the fence
  • How to improve the accuracy of the Festool MFT with this fence
  • How to improve the accuracy of the Festool CMS with this fence
  • How to make box joints
  • How to make through dovetails
  • How to make blind dovetails

All of these videos are available for free over on the YouTube channel, but are offered here as a structured course to support you in your learning. This is a collection of videos that are freely available over at the Woodgrafter YouTube Channel, they are offered here as part of a bundle deal giving you easy access and structure to the videos, one low price buys access to ALL the YouTube collection.

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