Benchdogs Metric Fence

The MK2 fence now comes with a wider area for the ruler scale markings allowing the fence to have a double scale

It comes in two lengths 1200mm or 1450mm, Dependent on the system you choose, the rail  will either have

0 – 1000mm & 200 – 1200mm or 0 -1250mm & 200 1450mm

This allows you to quickly calibrate your rail to your rail and then use the 200mm scale for quick accurate readings. No calculations – easy!

The new specially designed fence system for the use on MFT style tops (tops with a 20mm grid of holes) enables you to fix your fence and allow for repeatable cuts without losing valuable space behind the fence, this allows your bench to stand closer to the wall saving valuable space in your workshop.

The under rail support ensures your stock is secured under the rail AND reduces tear out in the final cut.

In the kit you will receive. 

1 x 1000mm Aluminium Fence with dual scale OR 1 x 1250 Aluminium Fence with dual scale
1 x Under Rail Support Kit
1 x Flag Stop – Lever
1 x Set of Fence Dogs – M6 uses the latest in CNC technology to turn our products that are measured with an accuracy of 5 microns.  The dogs are machined to 19.96/97 +- 0.015.

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This is a huge upgrade to the MK1 fence that was already a game-changer, the introduction of the dual scale and the under rail support raises the bar once again.

Check out my video review for more details and to see this in action.



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