How to build a coffee table

A great course to test your skills, laminated top, through dovetails, blind dovetails – not for the faint-hearted, but well worth the effort.

This project will allow you to develop the following skills:

  • Basic design
  • Stock selection & preparation
  • Panel lamination
  • Carcass construction with floating tenons
  • Dovetail drawer construction
  • Finishing preparation
  • Finishing


In this course, we will take you step by step through build process.

  • Lesson one will walk you through original customer commission so you can understand how design decisions are made
  • Lesson two will introduce you to the conceptual design – module in Sketchup
  • Lesson three will take you through the detailed plans, creating the Bill of Materials and the approximate cost for the project
  • Lesson four will take you step by step through the construction of the table

This video has 14 videos in the series and approximately 420 minutes of quality video instruction and includes the plans in PDF format.




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