The Woodgrafter Workbench Build

In this lesson we are building the Woodgrafter Workbench – this is a modern twist on an old favourite.

With a strong laminated top and solid wooden base, it is robust and stable enough for hand tool work. However, the twist is the addition of two inset MFT style tops that give you the speed and accuracy of an MFT.

Clamping options for your projects are delivered through a traditional leg vice and supplemented with T-Track and of course that versatile grid of 20mm holes.

This course is going live on the 19th June, as such the early bird deal is now closed. The course has reverted to the regular price of £49.99 and will include detailed plans, bill of materials, cut list, the Fusion 360 file, course video and chat-based support.

We are offering an early bird price for pre-orders of £29.99 – don’t hang around that price will not be available for long.


In this course, we will look at

  • The functional design, what do we need this bench to do
  • The conceptual design
  • The detailed design (using Fusion 360) as our modelling tool of choice
  • Stock selection
  • Stock preparation
  • Detailed build using lamination, mortice and tenon joinery
    • Both power and tool methods will be discussed and demonstrated
  • End review
  • Course assignment

The course is going live on the 19th June, a such the early bird deal is now closed.


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