The YouTube bundle deal

We are excited to offer these YouTube courses to simply access and bring structure to the ever growing library of YouTube videos on The Woodgtafer.

You are buying access to ALL current and future YouTube based courses, simply buy this product and courses will be automatically added to your ‘My Learning’ portal. Give you access to structured courses, tool tips and quick project builds.

You will also gain access to ALL plans & additional content used in the YouTube videos, simply check out the “material” section in each course.

It makes it a lot easier than trying to find that video you vaguely remember 12 months ago.




The Woodgrafter has been creating educational videos on YouTube since Oct 2018 way before the woodworking school opened its doors. I often get asked – can you link me to the video that explains ‘something or other’!

We currently have a library of over 120 videos and are adding a new one every week, so it’s not always an easy task.

To help focus and structure the videos we are proud to offer a library of courses that link the videos together into a logical order that are quick and easy to access.

  • If you want to know how to make dovetails on the Leigh jig – there is a quick and easy course for that
  • If  you want to know how to calibrate your MFT – there is a quick and easy course for that
  • If you want to know… well you get the idea

Simply purchase the YouTube bundle and ALL current and future ‘YouTube’ based courses will be added to your profile for quick and easy access.

Although every one of these videos is available free of charge over on the YouTube Channel, we believe there is value in the structure of these courses.



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